Our story began in 2021 with a nickname for our founder's first daughter, Weslie. 

Our venture started with a purpose: crafting functional, affordable, and high-quality handbags tailored for women who appreciate both style and substance. 


In this spirit, Shop Boog strives to redefine the narrative around style. 

Instead of discarding items deemed "out of style," we cherish them as relics of personal stories—reminders of special moments.

These pieces tell tales that transcend trends, awaiting the day we share them with our daughters and granddaughters.

"I want Boog to be a place of community. A place where we buy something we love and we just have to share it with our friends, sisters, mom, grandma. The best thing about women is when we love something we share it- and that builds something more than just the bag itself.” — Jordyn Brasher